My Second Post

This is my second post.

It is getting easier now.

Hello world!

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This is only a test

Had this been an actual post, I would have wrote something interesting…

The Worst Stockbroker in the World

When was 25, I thought I wanted to be a stock broker. 

I got an interview with the head of the local office of one of the big brokerage firms.  A few minutes into the interview, he stopped me, looked coldly into my face, and said "Son, you would make the worst stock broker in the world!"

He looked out his window and wispered,  "See the Kansas City Board of Trade over there.  It’s like a huge poker game.  That’s were you belong."

And so, I took his advise and began my trading carear on the floor of the KCBT. 

I traded wheat, wheat options, Value Line futures, and natural gas (i.e. everthing they had).  I always traded for myself, with my own money.  Never got staked and never workded as a floor broker.

Success Belongs To…

"Success Belongs to Those Who Believe in Suceeding"

This quote was drilled into my head by my junior high wrestling coach Bob.

Why I Created This Blog

I created this blog in order to share my thoughts with others.


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